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Specializing in Residential and Commercial Custom-Cut Glass, Showers and Mirrors

Custom Glass Showers Enclosures


Our frameless glass shower enclosures are by far the most sought after product we provide. Homeowners are choosing these elegant showers over curtains to control water spray, accommodate their preferred design aesthetic, and provide spa-like luxury and comfort. Our showers offer innovative, beautiful designs that deliver water-tight, smooth operation


We encourage you to browse through our gallery to familiarize  yourself with the various shower enclosures that Millan Glass & Mirror can offer you. 

Bathtub Enclosures

Whether you are creating a luxury bath suite in your new home or designing a fresh new look for your existing bath, our bathtub enclosures can be the perfect solution to your unique design aesthetic. Millan Glass & Mirror is here to assist you with your own exclusive personal style to fit any décor. 


Glass bathtub enclosures come in a variety of sleek and airy styles that will give you an open and contemporary look while supplying greater functionality than traditional tub décor. Your new glass bathtub enclosure from Millan Glass & Mirror will keep the water in the tub while looking both dramatic and inviting. You will be able to choose from multiple hinge and handle options, from polished finishes to brushed finishes

– the choice is yours.

Custom Vanity Mirrors


We cut and install mirrors to our customers’ exact specifications. Whether it be custom mirror for your bathroom, bedroom, or even wall mirrors for a home gym. We also provide custom mirror cutouts for lights, light switches and outlets, complete with mirror cover plates.

Custom Glass Walls & Railings


The transparency in glass railing systems is the key to creating an open concept layout and a revitalizing sense of freedom. Enjoy a contemporary view of your living spaces by combining style with safety.  These high end architectural railing systems will increase the value of your home along with your enjoyment of it.   


Updating your indoor stair railings can also increase both the value of your home, and your enjoyment of it. Whether you like sleek and modern or classic and traditional, there are many ways to update your staircases design to better reflect your style, and your home's personality.

Custom Painted Glass & Mirror Backsplash  
Want your kitchen to look like it came right out of an interior design magazine?  Our custom glass makes for an incredibly beautiful and unique backsplash. Since glass is naturally reflective, a custom glass backsplash makes your kitchen feel more spacious, and the depth of colour is truly phenomenal. With many colour choices, you can rest assured that your design is unique and truly reflects a personal statement.
Custom Glass Table Tops & Shelving

Glass table tops provide a very nice, elegant touch to any home or office. It lightens up the appearance of any room. Choose from several different finishes and edging designs.

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