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Hardware Finishes


Mushroom Knob

Mushroom Knob has classic design and is 100% Stainless steel. 

Contemporary Knob

Contemporary Knob has a sleek and minimalist style and feel. Also 100% stainless steel.

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Square Corner Pull Handle

Gives a clean and modern look which compliments other hardware with similar corner styles. 

Tubular Pull Handle

This particular tubular pull handle is constructed of 1.5 mm thick tubing. Includes one pull for each side of the door.


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Towel Bar Combination

Pull Handle/Towel Bar Combinations

Made of 1.5 mm heavy brass tubing. Each set consists of a pull handle and towel bar. The handle is 6" while the towel bar can be 12", 18" or 24".

Style Pull Handle/Towel Bar Combinations

Design to match back-to-back style pull handles and single-sided towel bars. Comes with 8" handle and 2 sizes (18",24")

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Geneva Door Hinges

Able to accommodate 5/16" (8 mm) to 1/2" (12 mm) glass. A variety of six styles gives design flexibility, including three different Wall Mount and three different Glass-to-Glass types.

Pinnacle Door Hinges

Similar to the popular Geneva Series Hinge, but with one design change: Pinnacle has radius corners and beveled edges for a sleek appearance.

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